The church and surrounding community is excited about what the Lord is preparing us for concerning future

The necessity for a new church facility is based upon the present and future needs of the greater Long Branch community. The vision of this church and its Community Development Corporation (CDC) is centered on addressing the holistic needs of the individual.  Second Baptist Church presently has 36 ministries designed to create spiritual and moral growth and development.

Presently, we are doing an admirable work in feeding the hungry, clothing the needy, visiting the prisons, offering educational tutoring, health education, social ministries, evangelism outreach marriage counseling and Scouting. However, we realize that in a changing multicultural, pluralistic climate, many other human needs must be met.

We envision future ministries that will facilitate housing for low-income families; basic skills training for an evolving work force; immunization programs for infants; re-entry programs for released inmates; career planning programs for young adults; new ministries for Portuguese and Spanish speaking persons; dedicated space for a youth resource and entertainment center; family life and counseling
center; and a climate where the disenfranchised will feel welcome.

We need your prayers and financial assistance to make the church’s vision a reality in Long Branch and its surrounding communities.  Our long history of 118 years of service in this community will be enhanced by this vision that the Lord has placed on us.

Pray for us as we endeavor to do the will of our God!

Rev. Aaron N. Gibson, Sr. , Pastor